The 380 Rotary Club proudly launches the First Responder Support Program!
Our program raises awareness and support to our community First Responders for the difficult job they endure everyday by putting their lives at risk to protect and enhance our way of life.
First Responders are not only our dedicated fire fighters and police officers, but also our healthcare workers and teachers.
Through the Sweet Support Gift Box fundraiser, we are providing an opportunity to show your support to our local heroes.
To honor their service to our community, a Sweet Support Gift Box filled with candy and treats can be purchased for them to enjoy.
Each box will include:
  • Customized Gift Box with sponsor’s branded logo or name and filled with candies/treats
  • Sponsor will get to choose the First Responder location 
  • Sponsor receives social media recognition on 380 Rotary Club’s public page
Contact us at or simply click First Responder Support Program if you are interesting in supporting the First Responders Program.